Friday, 7 July 2017

Will a Pill Ever Keep the Dentist Away?

You might have heard the phrase “an apple a day keeps the doctor away. While that might not be the case, there is some new research that could potentially keep the dentist at bay. However, it’s not entirely sure that you might be able to keep your Roseburg dentist away, however, scientists have identified that one bacteria, one called streptococcus A 12 does show some promise that it will prevent tooth decay. Now, there are a few bacteria that do play a role in tooth decay, gum disease, and other problems, but there are some that are beneficial, and this might be something that is up for discussion. Recent research that a particular type of streptococcus A 12 actually can kill or lessen the effects of the related other ones of the same name. The mutant actually does convert sugar into lactic acids, which creates more acidity in the mouth, and this in turn puts you at a much higher risk for tooth decay as a result.

Now, A 12 is something that does target the mutants, but it actually does help some of the effects of this. It also will balance out the pH in the mouth. The higher the levels, the more cavities and problems that could come from this.

Now this was actually done by something called the acid test by researchers in Florida. They zeroed in on the A 12 b y looking at plaque samples and holding in various areas more than 2000 types of bacteria. They were isolated, and they were then screened so that scientists could find one that metabolizes an amino acid called arginine, which breaks down into ammonia, which in turn neutralizes the mouth.

The cool news, is that they did end up finding it, and that’s what A1 2 does. It metabolizes the arginine, and it will lower the pH by calling the mutants and interfering with the ability to form plaque. Studies before indicated that those that had no cavities were better at breaking down arginine than those that had a lot of cavities. This was an interesting link that up to this point, people weren’t sure why.

Now, if you grow these together, the means actually don’t end up faring well or make biofilms, which is essentially the dental plaque. So, in a sense, this does neutralize the chances of a biofilm being made, and it lowers the chances of plaque being formed. Now, some have inferred how to make this possible. The simple answer, is actually a probiotic approach. You might have heard of what these are. Essentially, they’re tiny microorganisms that have many health benefits when they are converted. The idea is to have A 13 along with more probiotics and other ingredients, put into a capsule form such as a dietary supplement.

Now, there could be a formula derived from this that could break down arginine, and this probiotic could be supplied to anyone regardless of age. This is great for those that are young, or those at risk for tooth decay, and it does show some striking potential.

However, there is still a lot of work to be done before any sort of supplement like that would be available. In essence, many researchers are still working on this, and a five-year grant has been given to said researchers to help explore the chance that a pill might be enough to keep the dentist away.

No, until scientists create this, you’ll have to do this all on your own. It stinks, but hey, you can still keep the deist away in a simple manner. You should make sure that you maintain the best oral health that you possibly can, and from there, you’ll be able to ensure that you have a strong and healthy set of teeth. Seeing your Roseburg dentist a lot is a great thing, and it is something that everyone should make sure that they do. By going to the dentist, you’ll be able to have great teeth, and until it’s not necessary, going to the dentist and getting our teeth checked and cleaned is something that you should totally make sure that you do.

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